Over-Board Ocean City Maryland Fishing Charters

Another great picture of a marlin being released in Ocean City, Maryland on Over-Board Sportfishing.

Over-Board Sportfishing Charters offers Ocean City, Maryland visitors and anglers the very best in affordable ($700 to $1700) family friendly deep sea offshore, coastal inshore and near shore fishing for many different gamefish species including shark and tuna (we have awesome tuna fishing). We offer trolling, drifting and jigging on wreck and bottom fishing charters. Our bountiful local waters off Ocean City, Maryland are known for being some of the most fertile and best deep sea fishing grounds on the entire US East Coast.

Our local waters support a large variety of sport fishing species (including many species of shark) and we provide a large variety of deep sea big game fishing trip opportunities. Over-Board is the perfect size boat for the Ocean City area because it is large enough to handle the fantastic fishing this area offers and it is economical enough it won't break your budget like fishing on those luxury yachts.

At Over-Board we have the ability to make it all happen in an affordable way for our anglers! Whether you want a few flounder for dinner, experience the vicious strike of a feeding shark or feel the exhilaration of a spectacular blue marlin jumping on the end of your line, Over-Board is the boat for you. We even offer very affordable tuna fishing. You will enjoy fishing your way on a relaxing coastal near shore or an awesome deep sea offshore fish catching excursion at the very best prices Ocean City, MD.

  • Ocean City, MD is known for a wide diversity of fish species both inshore and offshore.
  • Imagine battling the offshore fish you have been dreaming about your entire lifetime on an Over-Board Ocean City MD charter boat trip.
  • Mahi mahi are a beautiful fish especially when they are first caught and landed into the boat.
  • Shark fishing out of Ocean City, MD can be some of the best on the East Coast.
  • Many wahoo and mahi attack from underneath and then jumped several feet out of the water.
  • Summers at Ocean City MD brings fantastic charter fishing for big flounder.
  • Over-Board offers shark and tuna fishing charters if you are not faint at heart.
  • Over-Board held the Maryland state record yellowfin tuna at 187 pounds.
  • A good charter catch of tuna and shark here at Ocean City always results in happy anglers.
  • Join one of our Ocean City fishing charters for a mahi mahi excursion of a lifetime.

Captain Dustin Lorah

Over-Board Sportfishing owner, operator and charter Captain Dustin Lorah offers a large variety of fishing options for that once-in-a-lifetime offshore or inshore (near shore) sportfishing adventure. You might elect to troll for awesome blue marlin or yellowfin tuna in the beautiful blue deep sea offshore waters or you might also choose to drop down a deep jig and haul up some tasty cod and flounder from one of our many "secret" fishing wrecks. We can even try "chunking" for a hard fighting bluefin tuna. If you can't decide ..... let's do it all! Your in good hands on Over-Board who formerly held the Maryland state record for yellowfin tuna which was a whopping 187 lb. beast and caught the first place wahoo (63 pounds) in the 2018 prestigious White Marlin Open at Ocean City!

"Our Commitment is To Your Success!"

We understand that any boat in our higly successful Ocean City, MD sportfishing fleet can provide you with a memorable day. That's why we make an extra hard effort (going over-board!) on every charter trip to insure that you will always have the best catch of more fish and larger fish when you choose Over-Board Sportfishing for your charter trips. We will invest whatever it takes in order for us to guarantee you will always receive the best price, best boat, best crew, best tackle, freshest bait and the best opportunity to catch the the fish you have always desired.