Charter Rates Pricing and FAQ

Charter Prices
Offshore Tuna/Mahi Trolling 10 hours$1450.00
Combo Wreck Fishing / Tuna Mahi Trolling 10 hours$1200.00
Tuna/Mahi Trolling 8 hours$1050.00
Ocean Wreck/Bottom Fishing/Shark 8 hours$950.00
Ocean Wreck/Bottom Fishing/Shark 6 hours$750.00
Ocean Wreck/Bottom Fishing/Shark 5 hours$700.00

Fuel Shortages: Currently the country has been plunged into a fuel shortage situation that is effecting every single American and business. Fuel has always been a major expense that is calculated into the pricing of a fishing charter simply because our safe reliable boats use a lot of fuel on every trip. We will continue to keep our pricing at the very minimum that we can afford and still be able to run charters but we want our customers to understand that the price of charters at this time is based on the price of the fuel. While we are dealing with these extremely high fuel prices we will be forced to add a fuel surcharge on 12, 10 and 8 hour trips when our price reaches $5.25 per gallon. For that reason, we suggest contacting us or the Captain before your charter in order to confirm the current charter price. Customers will have the option of sailing at that price or declining their charter and receiving a full refund of any deposit they made.

All Over-Board Ocean City, MD charter prices are based on the entire boat which will include up to 6 anglers. Our USCG license only allows us to have a maximum of six guests whether guests are fishing or not. Our Over-Board charters include rods, reels, ice, bait and tackle.

We require a $200 deposit to confirm your reservation. Your final payment will be due prior to leaving the dock. Please remember that it is extremely difficult to fill canceled dates. Any cancellations must be made prior to 14 days of your scheduled date in order to receive a refund on your deposit.

Weather Cancellations:

If the weather becomes an issue threatening your charter trip, the captain has sole authority to make the call at the dock and refund your deposit accordingly (or you may elect to apply your deposit to another charter date). We know you want to fish and our goal is to provide you with your scheduled trip if at all possible. Cancellations are only considered when there are safety issues for the group.


Q. How many people are allowed on a charter?

Our US Coast Guard license allows us to take six paying anglers on a charter trip.

Q. Do I need to bring fishing gear or bait?

Our charter will provide the very highest quality fishing gear and the freshest bait available.

Q. Where do we depart from/return?

Over-Board is docked at O.C. Fisherman's Marina on Golf Course Rd. The captain will tell you what time to be at the boat for your departure when you make your reservation.

Q. Do you provide food and drinks?

Customer's are requested to bring their own food and drink. We will help you load your cooler(s) when you arrive for your charter.

Q. Can I keep my fish?

Yes, it is customary for the customers to take their fish and divide them up among their party. To protect the species we normally release billfish. The captain and mate are responsible for keeping track of the catch so that only legally caught fish are brought back to the dock.

Q. Do you clean and pack my fish?

You can take your fish with you and filet them at home or use the professional fish cleaning service that is available daily at the Marina to filet and pack your catch.

Q.What happens if the weather is bad?

It is the captain's choice concerning the weather. Please show up for your trip even if you are sure that your trip will be canceled. Often the weather is much different offshore then it is at the dock. If the captain determines that for safety reasons it is necessary to cancel your trip he will discuss rescheduling your charter or refunding your deposit.

Q.Will we get seasick?

If you are prone to seasickness or motion sickness there are many over-the-counter pills available. However most of them come with some undesireable side effects. If you are concerned with taking these pills or even giving these medicines to your family please consider getting an electronic Reliefband. These electronic devices even work well on 3D amusement park rides. They were prescription only for several years before being accepted by the FDA for over the counter use.

Q. Is beer, wine or liquor allowed on the boat?

A. There is to be no hard liquor onboard. If you choose to drink please be responsible. Drunkeness will cause termination of the trip at the captains discretion.